Kenny Cowan

My name is Kenny Cowan, I grew up in the small township of Dadeville in Southwest Missouri. It is a small community with a population of 249 people. Back in the early 80’s I attended high school in this small community and had the pleasure of taking an Art class every year with Barbara Irwin, who was a great artist in many respects and taught me not only to paint but to love art. I had dreams of being a master painter but those dreams feel short after high school as painting was an expensive hobby to have.

In 1992 I moved to San Francisco and in 1995 I met my partner David Starkovich. We have spent the past 21 years building a life together, living in a studio apartment in the middle of San Francisco with our cats. Living in a studio, I never felt I had the room to be an artist although at times I did think about painting.

In the fall of 2014, my friend Nancy Udy, asked me to attend a wine and paint party with her, she was impressed with my painting ability and gave me a wonderful present that year for Christmas; all the supplies that I needed in order to create a masterpiece while on Christmas vacation. I spent my Christmas vacation with the paint brush in my hand making what I hoped would be a masterpiece of Brown’s Pool a famous fishing spot on the Russian River.

When we came back from vacation I had my masterpiece and I started to make a corner of our small apartment into “my art studio”. I spend my days working for The Salvation Army, my early evenings managing a community of 65 people and I continue to find time to dedicate to my passion of making more pieces of art. Last year I decided to come up with a unique signature that represents me and my life, by combining my last name and the last name of my partner. This year I started a website that not only has a blog that allows me to show the journey of each painting and a gallery that shows each finished piece.

I know that painting is part of me. My medium is acrylics on canvas. I love acrylic paint for the ease of correcting mistakes and changing my mind. My goal is to make my paintings inviting, capturing the beauty of nature and causing the viewer to imagine being part of the painting. I have always loved nature and being outside, painting landscapes and effectively portraying natures beauty on the canvas is like bringing the canvas to life. I am thankful every day for my gift and that painting is part of my life and I am thankful for great friends that encourage me and give me that extra push to live my dream.

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Royal Goddess

Royal Goddess ~ Artist Kenny Cowan Acrylic 24×24 $600