Connie Millholland


566 Lori Drive

Benicia, California 94510

707- 747-1933


My inspiration to become an artist began in elementary school.  Our “once a week hour” for art was exhilarating.  I seemed to develop, very early, an eye for drawing and was asked by teachers to develop art projects for the school.  This provided great self-esteem for a young budding artist.  In high school there was only one art course available within the four-year period. It was basic art that provided minimal skills. Upon entering college I anticipated plentiful art courses that would teach traditional skills and techniques.  I ventured head on into the psychedelic movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Although exciting, my desire was to begin learning traditional and representational art skills.


In college I majored in Art Education and I taught art for 31 years. During this time I also developed into a professional artist.  Shortly after college I began to seek out quality instruction from artists who taught within their studios.  I was able to develop my skills through small group instruction and was most appreciative of my figure-drawing instructor.  I identified with his philosophy, process and techniques.  I spent several years evolving from trial and error, experienced different mediums and tried many different painting styles.  I also focused on social statement art done in surrealistic and semi-abstraction forms. Through these experiences and the influences of other artists I evolved to become an abstract and figurative artist. My thrust is to present my art uniquely which requires constant evolving and transitioning into the new.  The challenge is exciting.

Connie M

feeling the heat

Feel the Heat ~ Artist Connie Millholland Oil on Canvas 24×36 $150.00