Amy Eikner





“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one”. Stella Adler

Artist Statement

Amy Eikner is an abstract expressionist artist who grew up in East Texas, but got to California as quickly as she could. Currently working with acrylics her paintings often contain bright colors, shaded rounded forms and a variety of textures created with brushes and palette knives. Because of the theme of this show, “Anything Goes-I’m not Afraid to Show My Art”, Amy was particularly motivated to portray the personal emotions and ideas that she has been wrestling with in the past few weeks. Although these paintings might appear to have sexual connotations the content has been inspired by her introspection about her own female reproductive system along with the fear of potential illness within that system. Most women know what it feels like to wait the days or weeks to get test results and phone calls from doctors. It was during this waiting period that most of these paintings were created. Painting has truly been her catharsis. One painting, however, entitled “Trauma” was created several years ago. She decided to include it in this show because of the intense emotional content. Amy is willing to answer any questions you may have about her paintings and feedback is always welcomed.


Instagram: amye.the.artist

Gallery exhibit ~ I’m passionate about…

Amy 1

Amy 2

Amy Lake Tahoe BW

Lake Tahoe B&W Photography 8×10 $50

Amy fireworks

Fireworks Photography 8×10 $50

Amy Cypress Trees

Aspens Photography 8×10 $50

Amy Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Photography 8×10 $50

Raquel Amaral Art Gallery – 9/2 – 9/30/17 ~ Anything Goes 2

DSC007112Tree Goddess ~ Artist Amy Eikner Acrylic 18×24 $600.00