Manon Jodoin

Manon Jodoin Artist Statement “The painting is closer to poetry, now that the photography has liberated the painting from the need to tell a story.” Georges Braque

I am a self-taught artist who now devotes almost all her time to painting. I have been experimenting with watercolor for two years. What interests me in painting is to create atmospheric, magical and … poetic images. I have no pretensions to realism. For now, I am interested in the creation of experimental landscapes, abstracts and human figures.

The creative process that I use allows me great freedom while subjecting me to unexpected results with which I have to deal. I like to respond to those “accidents”. I also like to interpret the passage of time, celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each person, particularly women. I love to experiment with different mediums and techniques but I use mostly watercolors. I love black and white in my life but I love vivid colors in my artwork. I want to translate some positive thinking with those vivid colors and forms. I think we all need some light, joy and poetry in our life, so I fill my paintings with it.

Gallery Exhibit ~ I’m Passionate about…



My Alien 2
My Alien Watercolor on paper 8×10 $55 ~ Sold
Strangers 1
Strangers 1 Watermedia on Paper 12×12 $95
Forsaken Landscape 1- Manon Jodoin Studio - watercolor
Forsaken Landscape Watercolor on Paper 11×14 $105