Malis Bee

Malis Bee’s style is very much inspired by Surrealism and the exploration of the subconscious mind.  Feeling that the process itself of creating art is a much needed cathartic release, Malis feels compelled to create.

Malis finds the techniques of adding dimension and texture to a painting come from an eclectic blend of various phases in creative life including sculpture and craft. Many of the paintings include natural fibers, crystals, and other materials collected over the years of travel, living abroad, teaching art, and parenting. 

As a Californian native who leaves but always returns, Malis feels the Bay is the final stop with family roots planted long ago.

Malis graduated from CSU Chico in 2000 with a BA in Art with an emphasis in Ceramics and Art education.  

Gallery Exhibit – Lovers gotta Love – Feb – Mar 17 2018



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Raquel Amaral Art Gallery ~ Sept 2 – Sept 30, 2017 – Anything Goes 2

Swept Away 11×14 Acrylic and Crystal on panel $300

Gimme my Pussy 16×12 Acrylic $300

Healing 19×23 Acrylic Ink Chalk Clayboard $500

Melissa Bee

Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery – April 15, 2017 – Anything Goes