Suzanne Moreno Berke


I decided at the age of 8 that I had talent so I started painting… everything! Walls, Windows, boards and closet doors. By my senior year I was the student teacher in three of my Art class’s . In 1975 I was accepted and enrolled into Long Beach State Art Department to study Metal design (class of 13 students). This is where I found out I was great at design preferring canvas instead of metal. Forty years later I’m still painting on walls, boards, doors and canvas too! Mixed media, Inks, Acrylics, found objects and woods are my mediums of choice. I work out of my studio in Marin County where my husband is my number one supporter and art critic. Another big influence and inspiration for me came from my 101 year old Grandmother who always looked at life with the glass being half full.

Gallery Exhibit ~ I’m Passionate about…

suzanne moreno berke san fran circus
San Francisco Circus, Mixed Media Acrylic, 36×36, $1200
suzanne Moreno berke - ramona
Ramona, Mixed Media Acrylic, 24×48, $1,200
Square, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Paper , 36×36, $1200
Triangle, Mixed Media Acrylic, 36×36, $1,200
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