Sharon Banuelos


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in the City of Pinole. Growing up, my family would

take day trips to San Francisco and that’s when I first took notice of photographers lined

up on the sidewalk selling their works. I would ruffle through the matted photos and be

amazed at different perspectives each person would have and the beauty that can be

captured through the lens. This was something I wanted to do someday…..a desire in

my heart.

Well, that someday is now. An image that is captured through the lens can tell a story,

show an emotion, document life or can be an expression of creativity. My delight is to

capture details, big or small because I believe that’s where God is – I am so amazed at

what’s around us and sometimes that can be more evident through the lens. That is

how I came up with the name for my business “Royal Visions”.

I have always been creative and enjoy working with my hands. I am currently

developing my skills in macro-photography and digital manipulation; I am always eager

to learn more about photography. In recent, my latest venture is painting which I find

very relaxing and I hope to show my new painting creations soon .

A dream of mine since I was very young was to have my photographs published in Life

Magazine, Look (I’m dating myself) or National Geographic. For me it’s never too late

to dream and I believe all things are possible……….

to dream and I believe all things are possible……….


Gallery Exhibit – Lovers gotta Love ~ Feb – Mar 17 2018


Showed – “I’m not in afraid to share my artwork” – Oct 2017

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