Scott Rocheleau

My name is Scott Rocheleau, I am a Concord native and grew up in an innocent time. I’m unsure of when I went from an innocent child to becoming an independent thinker. I dropped out of school and moved to Santa Cruz when I was 15 years old, I found myself a job and began paying bills and rent. I went from job to job until I landed a career as a flooring contractor in the Sierras. At the age of 25 I started a family and had three beautiful children, Ethan is my eldest and my two daughters Hannah and Sydnee. Living in the mountains, I took on hobbies such as log home building and chainsaw sculpting; I used to sell my work at Apple Hill in Camino. After being with my wife of 13 years, we simply we’re not in love anymore and it ended in divorce. After the divorce my life took a dark road and I was out of my children’s lives for six years. I had moved back to the bay area and was homeless for some time; I had been shot, stabbed and left for dead. Surviving this time in my life and never giving up on myself, I was able to pull my life together and get back to the Sierras, where I found my children living in complete poverty. I pulled myself together and was awarded full custody. After my father was diagnosed with dementia and diabetes, my family decided to move back home and help care for him and my mother in their home. They have been married for 50 years and still hold hands and kiss each other goodnight. My son recently graduated from Clayton Valley High School, Hannah is a junior at Clayton Valley and my youngest; Sydnee is in the 6th grade. I have found my soulmate, Alexandria, and at the age of 45 we are expecting my 4th child. What I have learned in my short life is that patience is not a waste of time, people are blessings, not possessions and love is trust and trust is freedom. Nature and photography have always been my passion as well as my higher power. With isolation and meditation I’m able to get as close to God as I can get. I hope you enjoy my vision.


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Show exhibit – Anything Goes 2 at the Raquel Amaral Art Gallery – Sept 2 – Sept 30th

Left to right – Moonlight Meditation~ Photography ~ $300

Red September ~ Photography ~ $ 395

Simple Passion ~ Photography ~ $325.

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Below ~ Spring Trance ~ $125.00

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