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I purchased a camera Canon EOS Rebel T3I Digital and I’m having so much fun with it. Every where I go I bring it along. I always want to capture the moment as best I can.

As a child I would loose myself for hours staring into the sky, daydreaming. As an adult, each morning on my way to work, while stuck in traffic I find myself looking up into the sky, once again daydreaming. I have loved taking pictures and can not help myself with beauty I see all around me. G*d, the universe paints the canvas and I do my best to capture it.
The bluest of skies with the wispy clouds take my breath away. It is like someone was painting pictures in the sky for all to see, a gift.

This picture I took on my way to the park during lunch time. I couldn’t resist the gorgeous colors and grabbed my cell phone to get the shot. Now a days I carry my Canon Power Shot SD960is 12.1 mega pixels to capture the moment. I look forward to sharing them with everyone.

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