My paintings are a reflection of my emotions of the moment and my inspirations are from my daily life, travels, walks, and nature influenced by different cultures- each piece tells a story.

Born and brought up in India and having lived in Silicon Valley, California since attaining adulthood, I am endowed with a natural gift of art and creativity encompassing the beauties of both East and West. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by vibrant colors and beautiful canvases of nature and objects that surround me. I have vastly travelled across the globe. The influence of nature, culture and regions is evident in my paintings which I express via contemporary abstract perceptions.

In addition to my inherent talent for arts, I have a diploma in Interior Design from New Delhi Polytechnic. This gave me a perspective on collaboration of style, design and colors.

Transitioning from a career in high tech in Silicon Valley I am now following my passion to scale on a path of multidimensional creativity.

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I sincerely hope my artwork brightens your home and your place of work someday. Of course not to mention your heart and soul.


Raquel Amaral Gallery ~ 9/2 – 9/30/17 ~ Anything Goes 2

Sunbathing w/Gift 20×16 $250

Vibgyor w/gift 36×12 $250


Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery – April 15, 2017 ~ Anything Goes

Patrali Ganesh

Ganesh ~ Patrali Acrylic 36×36 $1,000.00