Olga Griffin

I discovered my true passion for painting while watching Bob Ross shows!
I started following his instructions and soon I was on my own experimenting with colors and techniques. 23 years later I’m still, and perhaps even more passionate about painting!
Inspiration comes to me everywhere – outside or at home, even at work sometimes! I usually jot down my thoughts or take a picture, which will go into my “ideas” drawer for future creations. Between a full time job and my family, who supports my passion for art, I plan my painting sessions as often as possible. I try to paint in Classical Realism style and always study the work of some of my favorite Russian painters: Shishkin, Surikov, Rylov.
Some of my favorite subjects to paint – giraffes, flowers and wine.

I love to paint with oils, but had to switch to acrylic paints when my kids started to walk, as the curios fingers would leave the prints all over the house.
Now, after twelve years I’m thinking to go back to the world of oil colors where magic happens!
I’d like my paintings to bring smiles, beauty and perhaps a bit of happiness to people who look at them.
I love to do portrait drawings of my family and friends in pencil and charcoal.

Born and raised in Eastern Kazakhstan (South Western part of Siberia), I immigrated to the US over 23 years ago and live in beautiful SF Bay Area with my family.
Check out more of my art on FB: Olga Griffin or IG: og_inart

Gallery Exhibit ~ Anything Goes – May 12 – June 9, 2018

Olga artwork

Olga 2.jpg


Gallery Exhibit ~ Lovers gotta Love – Feb – Mar 17 2018


Gallery Exhibit ~ I’m Passionate About…

Olga Griffin

Olga Carnival Makeup Sold

Carnival Make up Acrylic on Canvas 12×12 $50 – Sold

Olga giraffe IMG_2481

In a Dream Acrylic on Canvas 16×20 $200

Olga Street Lights

Street Lights Acrylic on Canvas 9×12 $75 – Sold

Olga - Blue Heron

Blue Heron Acrylic 16×20 $200

Flowers - Olga

Flowers Acrylic 1-4×5, 3-5×7(set 7) $100

Olga Mother's Love Sold

Mother’s Love Acrylic 12×16 $75 – Sold

Olga - First Snow

First Snow Acrylic 8×12 $75 – Sold

Olga - Mask

Mask Acrylic 8×12 $75

olga -Monet's Garden

Monet’s Garden Oil on Canvas 16×20 $400

Olga Sushi Time

Sushi Time Acrylic 12×12 $50 – Sold