Melanie Sastria

Melanie Sastria is a female immigrant self taught artist who lives her life plant based. She has a great understanding, connection and eye for color and shapes. She has worked and currently working with various mediums such as watercolor, pencil, oil & acrylics, conte crayons and ink. 

Other art works she has done include miniature clay sculptures, interior design and make up artistry. She has great attention to intricate details in every single piece of her artwork that defines her passion for art.

Melanie has dreamt about being a full time artist as a fulfilling career. However, after graduating from high school in Indonesia, her parents encouraged her to go to college for business in America. They hoped for her predictable future and financial security by going into the business field. After graduating with a B.A. in Business Economics with Accounting emphasis from UC Santa Barbara, She worked for over 10 years in the finance sectors of multiple large corporations of America. During the 10 years of her business careers, she got laid off twice due to reduction of work force in the companies, with the second time in October 2017.

These events have brought her to feel a change is needed to pursue her happiness. She has thought that there is no financial security working in business either. She thought she might as well do something that she is passionate about, once she has realized the impermanence of things. She is trusting that the Universe is supporting and taking care of her because she is truthful with herself. According to scientists, the energy of the field attracts to you based on the energy you emit. She has found comforts for her pain thru Buddhist philosophies, positive affirmations, meditation and making/doing/creating art.

She fees extremely beyond honored to be given the chance to present her art work to the public for the first time ever at Raquel Amaral Art Gallery in Concord, CA. This is the beginning of her journey as an artist. She wishes that when you wear or see her artistic masterpiece that you remember to think positively that dreams do come true, to always stay true to yourself and to live with passion.

Gallery Exhibit ~ Anything Goes 2 May 12-June 9, 2018

Melanie artwork

Gallery Exhibit – Lovers gotta Love Feb – Mar 17th 2018

Melanie Sastria

Gallery Exhibit ~ Colors of Art 2018

Melanie Sastria

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