Maksim Ryabtsev

Maksim Ryabtsev is a creative and passionate young man who was born in Belarus and raised in the Bay Area. Never fitting in, Maksim kept participating in various activities and adventures with various people and himself.

So many years of feeling unneeded, lonely lost, lonely and unprepared.  Maksim started to find ways to express himself and his thoughts, so he started to write short stories and poetry. Having a hard time with English and writing, Maksim has years of learning proper English and had to take ESL classes. After years of improving his English, his writing started to improve too. Always wanting to write and expression ideas and thoughts, to impact others. However, nobody had the belief in his ability to make an impact and he kept always hearing that he needed to focus on only school, so he can have a great future.

Having no real support, he started to listen to different poets online and read different poems, from books and magazines. He started to listen more to creative music, to get ideas and to improve his writing style. After years and years of a challenging life of trying to find his true self by going through tough connections with family and friends of not understanding that something was truly missing,  After years of meeting people and then having people leave his life, he started to realize that the motivation to start to share his poems must come from within. He started to keep away from the wrong people and surround himself with the right people, which helped him see his true abilities and potential. He started to write more and more and share it with the world on social media. Now feeling free and motivated and inspired by his challenging yet interesting life, he stories and poems will bring great impact to many and will provide an outlet for him to express his life with a pen and paper.

His passion for writing and expression by words is his way of being in control and being free without judgment. He is truly happy to have his words showcased at Raquel Amaral Art Gallery in Concord, CA. He is blessed to have a platform for his words to penetrate the minds of all who read his art. His desire to express his life with words and his inspire to awaken the minds of all, his is drive, inspiration and motive.

Lovers gotta Love – Exhibit Feb 17 – March 17


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