Linda Ruiz – Lozito

Linda Ruiz-Lozito

For the “Gods and Goddesses” show I am showing my painting of “Helen Keller” – an oil painting on a wood panel, 11.25”x 36”.  I have a halo around her head similar to old icon style paintings.  This portrait is a continuation of my series on “Remarkable Women”

Throughout my life art has been a consistent grounding force that is with me no matter whatever is going on.  Creating art has always been a challenge because there are an infinity directions to go providing a creative outlet where you can always grow.  It’s my dream career!  While the creation of art has been a continual thread throughout my life, it lessened in intensity while raising my children.  Now as my children are getting less demanding I am painting much more and my art is again becoming a primary focus.

My favorite mediums are oil paints and soft pastels.  I love the immediate color of the pastels and the ease of transporting for plein air drawings.  Oil paint is another favorite medium because of their buttery blending consistency with still retaining texture allowing you to see every brush stroke.

My art style has been greatly influenced by the Impressionists, the Fauves and California Colorists.  In college I majored in fine art and commercial art.  Studies included a background of very traditional academic training along with more modern styles. 

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