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What inspires your creations? When I first started making jewelry I was inspired by Joan Rivers. Truly I was a QVC addict and when I saw her jewelry I bought it. I thought I could do this.

I would visit the local bead shop where I worked during lunch and began my obsession with swarovksi crystals, semi-precious stones and silver. In the beginning I would still purchase Joan Rivers jewelry that I couldn’t make and a little Robert Lee Morris. I took a PMC class and bought a kiln.  There it sits on the kitchen counter top collecting dust and those are cheap.

But today I am inspired by my creative source. You can call it the “universe, God, spirits, guides, etc”.  My designs do not come from copying someone else’s style or Joan Rivers, Robert Lee Morris.

I am an original woman following my own inner spirit’s desires and dreams. I don’t care what others think or feel about me. I love myself and my family and friends.  My  jewelry designs are original and as unique as I am.

When my jewelry designs stop being original and unique is when I stop.

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