Drawing and Watercolor Painting

Drawing and Watercolor Painting

A Three Week Workshop cost $40.00

Friday, 2-4pm in September

Sept 15, Sept 22, and Sept 29

Materials supplied by your Instructor, Mary Frances Crabtree

Watercolor Pad, Watercolor Paint Set and Replacements, Watercolor Brushes, Folder, Pencil, Eraser, Paper Towels.

Week 1:

Identify all materials and their Use.

Drawing and Painting A Landscape.

Elements of a Landscape: Learn or Review:

Perspective (1 Point)

The Background Wash and Horizon Line

Trees in a Landscape

Background and Foreground (Difference in technique for                                                          “close up” and “far away”)

Week 2:

Composition in Art: the basis of all artwork.

  1. Create a Still Life:         A vase with flowers.

A basket of fruit

A basket with rolls and bread

A small sculpture with a variety of objects

A large sculpture

Week 3:

The Human Figure and Animals:

Draw and Paint the Human Figure

Draw and Paint an outfit for the Human Figure

Draw and Paint Animals

Using the landscape techniques you learned in Week 1 create                                                   an original landscape with animal(s).

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