Dinamarie Dudley

Having never really been into art when I was younger, I am what you would call an “accidental artist”.  What I mean by that is through my good friend and fellow artist Lori Guarini, I met Raquel Amaral. When I went to my first art gallery show at Raquel’s I could not help but feel excitement. Talking with other artists about what inspired them, began to inspire me.  At one of Raquel’s art shows, I met an artist named Cheryl Jones. The first Paint Date at Raquel Amaral’s gallery was born. I have been painting ever since.

My paintings are inspired by my dreams.  When I pull out my painting supplies I already have in my mind what I want to paint and, while I am just a beginner at painting, I love how my dreams are “released” onto the canvas.

I figure that if I can take up drumming lessons two years ago, then why can’t I paint.  I’ve always said I do things to the beat of my own drums.

Gallery Exhibit – Lovers gotta Love – Feb 17th – Mar17th 2018


Gallery Exhibit – Color of Art 2018


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