Catherine Hensiek

Art for me is life. And life is art. I dream of paintings and I paint my dreams.


Art has been my passion since I was young, but for many years my focus was on career and family. Now that I am retired and our family is grown, I am free to explore all of the different forms of art that intrigue me.


After retiring, I reignited my creativity by taking watercolor, mixed media, collage and acrylic classes at various schools in the area. The encouragement of my teachers and the support of fellow students helped me emerge from the structure of the corporate world and open myself to the freedom of creativity.


Since my husband is also retired, we travel about three months every year. Every journey inspires creativity. My artistic muse is refreshed by every new city we visit, every beach we wander, every trail we hike. I never travel without my sketchbook and journal, using them to capture moments and sights that may someday appear in my art.


Today I practice various forms of art: pen and ink sketching, acrylic painting, crafting paper mosaics and paper jewelry, mixed media, collage, and altered photography.


The three pieces in this show depart from my usual intentional approach to mixed media. The composition, colors and themes, are intuitive.


I began by dropping colored inks in a random pattern on dampened watercolor paper. I let this dry. As I watched the paper dry, images of women revealed themselves. Using acrylic paint pens and water soluble crayons, I defined the faces and hair. Then I added either botanical or water elements.


The theme of all of these pieces is one I have also explored in collage:  nature and goddesses.


In addition to creating visual art, I also write. Last fall, I was honored to have two of my short stories included in the anthology, “Chord & Discord,” published by the Walnut Creek Writers Guild and sold on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble in Dublin.


Thank you to the teachers who have opened my eyes and heart to the world of creativity: Pat Strout, Cassandra Antowiak, Patsy Taylor, Seema Maboob, Jeka Lambert and Kim Lawson.


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