Frequently asked Questions

Please read all the information regarding our regulations on your work should you want to exhibit with Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery in the future:

Where is my gallery? 1856 Colfax Street, Suite 6 in Concord, CA – (Upstairs there is no elevator in the building.)

What days/hours will I be open? Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-3 appt only.

Do I have a website? Yes it is

How long is the first show? Opens 3/11 – 4/8

When is the next show opening? 4/15 – 5/13

Do I charge a commission? Yes it is 10%. All sales will be handled by Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery. All purchased items will be immediately available to the customer.

How do I submit my work? Submit jpegs of your work and email to

Do this cost me? Yes, we ask artists to pay $10.00 for each piece they are submitting. We accept cash and credit card. This cost is due upon drop off.

Are there any restrictions?  The max size is (36×36)

How long will my art be on display? I will change every four weeks.

Do I have to sell my art? No you can just show your art.

Do I have to be there for the opening? No. But it is highly recommended to bring friends and family.

What do I have to do to hang my artwork? All artwork must be properly wire. If you are unsure how to install a hanging wire to your frame, click here for a how to video. Artwork will not be accepted without wire. Sawtooth hangers are not permitted.

How does Drop off work? I will give you a scheduled time to drop off ready to hang artwork. We do not accept checks and your Liability form should be completed. Art work not ready to hang, will not be accepted. Artwork not delivered on scheduled time will not be accepted.

When do I get paid if my artwork sells? I will pay you same day if paid with cash, if paid with a credit card I will pay you in 4 to 5 days less credit card fees.

Can I ship to you if I’m out of the area? We will take paintings but they will need to be shipped to my house by the scheduled time. This is completely at risk by the artist.

How does Pick up work? Pick up dates will be sent to you a week before show ends.

How does Pick up work if shipping from out of the area? Artist is responsible to have UPS pick up painting from my house. We will put painting back into the same box it came in.

I would love to retail your jewelry, prints, sculpture – I charge $1.00each minimum 10 pieces. Commission is 10%. Submit pictures first please.

I would like you to email me your bio. I will print them for the gallery opening to hand out to visitors. I will also share a piece of it on social media. I’ll share pictures of your paintings/photography on FB, instagram/twitter tagging your profile. I’ll post videos also on FB/instagram/twitter/youtube.

Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery reserves the right to reproduce copies of the submitted artworks for the purposes of promotion and on the Raquel Amaral website.