About me

Welcome to my Blog website.

I was born Raquel Amaral to Angela and Lorenzo Amaral. I was raised in Richmond, California with my three sisters and three brothers by a single mother. I enjoyed being a child, dancing and playing outside. I was never inside the house. I didn’t learn how to cook or clean. I was too busy being a child. I graduated from high school in 1976, and have always found myself working in offices throughout my career. I have attended several college courses in accounting, but did not graduate. Currently, I have a 9 to 5 job in an accounting department for an investment company.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 34th yr of marriage. We have two sons and no grand children.  We have lived in Concord, CA since 1981.

I recently (like this week Feb 6th, 2017) signed a year lease to rent space for my Studio/Art Gallery in Concord, CA. I’m embarking on a new adventure and I’m excited about it. I will combine my Art, your Art, jewelry, creations. I hope you will enjoy it.

I’ve discovered that it is so easy to approach people to talk about my Gallery. Trust me when I say this I’ve never been this way. My passions is driving me and I want to help other Artists come out of their shy shells.  I want to hang Art and Highlight Artists. So my mission is to get as many people as I can walk through my doors. Every four weeks I’ll be sharing new art and Artists.

I’m doing what I can to network with local businesses while working a full time job. I’ve joined the Concord Chamber of Commerce and want to advertise as much as possible in the community.




One reply to “About me

  1. Raquel…thanks for taking a peak at my bracelet for 7000 Bracelets of Hope. I see you also belong to SRJAD. Enjoyed perusing your blog….it is addicting, isn’t it? I’m your follower.

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