What’s next?

Craft Boutique #3

I put up street signs and flyers on telephone poles to get more people to visit. On the fliers I had my QR Code to my website with a $5.00 off coupon but didn’t get any feedback from that oh well, maybe next time. But we got a few more people to stop by and get out of their cars to check us out then the last one.

Seven table layout

Today is a rest day after another successful craft boutique in my front yard.

Thanks to my niece Angela for taking the photos.
I had more than just my jewelry for sale.
Haha my shirt looks like my table cloth. Maybe I’ll stuff the material and make pillows.

Like I said I am taking a day to rest. Doing a little laundry to get ready for my work week.

I’ll be doing another craft boutique on February 5th, 2022. I’ve asked several people yesterday if they would like to bring a table and set up their crafts and join me. It would be super fun to do a craft boutique with more artists and crafters. I asked Pat Viera and Cheryl Jones to give me their business cards, but they might also set up a table. They want to promote that they both have studios in Concord CA on Grant Street. In the Todo Santos park area.

My cousin purchased my knitted beret. Do you knit?

Knitting is always a challenge for me that is why I learned how to knit. But patterns can get a little tricky. Thinking about having a knit class; would you attend?

So Next… I’m teaching a Basic Jewelry 101 class first.

I also will be going Live on YouTube if you would like to take the class for FREE. My channel is here.

Are you an artist? What is your medium?

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