My Craft Boutique

Creative types must create because our spirits need it for thirst. It is a daily routine for me and has been all my adult life. I remember teaching myself how to sew and did it daily. I had material stuffed in places so when I needed it I had it. I use to make all my pants, jackets, tops and I even made my son’s summer shorts.

I left sewing behind when I watched the tv show QVC and fell in love with Joan Rivers jewelry. I can do it that and so I did. For several years up to today I design necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Had so many home shows where I would offer the hostess 10% of the sales to purchase my jewelry.

I also paint I started with acrylics but fell in love with watercolor paint. I think before both jewelry and painting I took pictures of my family. I remember buying a digital camera (after owning a Minolta 35mm with all the lenses) for a $1,000.00 and I think it only had like 3 megapixels. Now I own a Canon 5D Mark III; with quite a few lenses.

After closing my Art gallery in Concord, CA and going through Breast cancer treatment, my creativity is back in full throttle. Watercolor painting was my therapy during chemo and radiation. A friend; Cecilia’s sister inspired me to make jewelry. I use facebook to shared and sold my jewelry designs. I know I can sign up for holiday boutiques in town but I’m having my own and it’s my second Craft Boutique on November 6th from 11am – 4pm at 4709 Tobi Drive, Concord, CA. I would love to see you there. If not follow my website, I will be having another craft boutique on December 4th; same time. I will also be showing a few of my pieces and Pat Viera (Viera Art) and Lisa Fulmer studio/gallery; located at 1924 Grant Street #10 in Concord, CA during the month of November.

I’ll also have a few painted handbags, tshirts and purchase I’ll have a giveaway. (wink) (wink)

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