Saturday 10/2/21 – My front yard

Over the years I would get invited to a friend houses to have a jewelry party. My friend’s would host it and invite their friends. I sold a lot of my jewelry this way. I would ask my sister, cousin or friend and one time even my son, Jason assisted me with setting up and covering the cash register.

This past year I’ve been posting pics of my earrings on Instagram and Facebook and doing business that way. My husband would be so kind to go to the post office to make the deliveries for me. I would in turn message my customer with the tracking number.

I’ve posted pictures of 28 boards of earrings (9 on each board) on my website, But my website doesn’t have a cart system so it isn’t the easiest way to shop. I’ve had them on Etsy and it isn’t cost effective for me; basically didn’t work. I make one of a kind and have way to many pairs.

It has never dawned on me until a month ago to hold a jewelry show at my house in my front yard. October 2nd, November 6th and December 4th I will set up tables and display my earrings, bracelets a few necklaces and prints/cards of my art in my front yard. So if you live in my area I would like to invite you to stop over. 11am – 4pm

4709 Tobi Drive

Concord, CA

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