February 3, 2019 flowing on

Family. We ride the current of life with day to day living. I get up Monday thru Friday to go to work. Saturday and Sunday I want to be at home to create and be with my family. I need this to keep my head/heart/body in balance.

My oldest son lives with us and was recently hospitalized with diabetes. He has adjusted to his restricted diet and insulin shots amazingly well. Which I am so grateful. Although I dealt with it, I found myself stressed when life’s current hits rapid and rocky waters.

As I continue to go with the flow on Monday I will be at Wren Elementary School by invitation from the Principal. She had asked me before to teach a jewelry class. I was unable too then, but with advanced notice I am looking forward to taking a day off work to this adventure. Aline, Principal of Wren Elementary has been a jewelry customer, since the time we met at the opening of her students in my Art Gallery. With the closing of my studio I found that I need an online site to sell my art and jewelry.

Last month I wrote about my Etsy shop. Since then I have added a few earrings and will continue to add more as time becomes available. I try to take a few moments on my weekend mornings to shoot pics of my jewelry and upload to my Etsy shop. If you shop on Etsy stop in and say hi.

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