Lease ends

The studio space at 1856 Colfax Street in Concord, CA lease ends on 12/31/18.  I have 3 book shelves available for free but you will need to come to the studio and have help to carry them down the stairs. Let me know ASAP if you are interested. 

I had a successful show last Sunday at the Richmond Art Center selling prints, cards and earrings. 

Richmond Art Center Holiday Exhibit. I’m looking forward to participating next year. 

This past Saturday I met with Edy Nicolini. She is the wife of John Nicolini who passed away in 2014. Edy shows his artwork at the Art Cottage and on online Art Galleries. She is my very first Artist who is in my Online Art Gallery.  Click here to see his Artwork.

If you would also like to show your artwork online email me photos ready to upload to my email address $1.00 for each photo minimum 5/monthly. You handle the sale and shipping. 

Now selling my earrings on my website – Ear love, one of one! Click here to see One of One pairs.
Wild Hair Salon 3427 Crestnut Ave Concord, CA is now selling my originals, prints, cards and earrings. Pat Viera is the owner and is also selling her artwork in my Online Art Gallery. Click here to see Viera Art.

I plan on doing art shows in 2019 and teach jewelry making at Wren Elementary School and more.

Follow my blog. Like my FB art page  Like my FB jewelry art page. Share the love. 

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