Online Art Gallery

Would you be interested in promoting your artwork, jewelry, pottery, poetry, sculpture, photography, writing, etc. on my website each month? Many of you know that I’ve closed my physical Art Gallery at Colfax Street. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not creating art, loving art and loving artists.

Watercolor 4
8×10 print $10.00 plus shipping
Watercolor 4
Mixed media, 8×10 Print $10.00 plus shipping.


A minimum of five photos of your artwork, jewelry, pottery, metalwork, etc for $1.00 each monthly.  Email me a .jpg photo of your artwork , Title, Dimensions, Medium, and Price. Email a pdf of your bio with a photo of you if you choose. You handle the sale and shipping. I get no commission.

You’ll have a page on my website where you can have a bio and a link to your website, instagram, facebook page, phone #, brick and mortar, your choice for the month.

I’m starting this November 1st. Submit your photos and payment by Oct 31st.

Email to Payments can be paid by Venmo or paypal.

Advertise your business for $5.00 monthly submit your logo.



3 thoughts on “Online Art Gallery

  1. Thanks, Raquel. I would be interested in submitting 5 photos of John’s artwork prints. Is it too late?

    Edy Nicolini

    Sent from my iPad

    i would love to show your husbands artwork!

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