It’s on the Wall

A lovely time where the artists showed up to socialize with all the Art Lovers.

I’m sharing the pics of the Artists who were able to make it to the opening.

Pat V.jpg

Pat Viera ~ Viera Art also owner of Wild Hair Salon in Concord, CA. FB ~ Viera Art


Kenny Cowan ~ Co-Star*Art. Lives in San Francisco and has been in every opening. FB~Kenny CoStarArt


Olga Griffin.


Melissa Penny. ~ Malis Bee


Cheryl Y Jones. Creations by Cheryl


Deena Sheranko ~ FB~ Deena and Donna


Jim Isham.


Eric Vandetta ~ Teacher at Wren Elementary School in Concord, CA


Elizabeth Kirchhoff ~ New artist to my gallery. FB ~ Elizabeth Kirchhoff Studio

Oh I forgot my art wall and my FB page ~ Raquel.jpg

Raquel Amaral and my FB page ~ Raquel Amaral Art Gallery

This Gallery is…
My little baby.
She has my heart and soul.
She is very young and vulnerable.
She loves to get attention.
She wants more love each and every day.
She loves to share others Art.
She embraces diversity.
She embraces creativity.
She desires popularity.
She loves sales.
She loves artists.
She loves children’s art.
She adores visitors.
You are all welcome to visit her Tuesday – Saturday 12-2pm
1856 Colfax Street, Concord, CA

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