Call for Art


If you would like to submit your artwork to this gallery for the next Art show it is June 16th, no Theme. The deadline is June 8th and drop off will be June 9th.

Please be sure to submit via my website at click here. It is really easy and a lot fun. Most  questions are answered on the tab FAQs. Note, all artwork must be wired. I always refer Artist to the FAQs and people walk in with unwired artwork. We are no longer accepting unwired artwork. So you know the reason we need the artwork wired is because we hang all artwork on hooks.

If you are afraid to show your artwork all I can say is don’t be. We’ve all been there and know that Your artwork is Your Heartwork. Not everyone is going to like it and not everyone is going to buy it. All that matters is that you like it. There is always going to be someone you think is better and someone you think that isn’t better. Great Art is in the eye of the beholder. Let go of the fear.


I hope you have a chance to visit my gallery while the Original Works by Young Artist is still here. There is still artwork available to purchase. All sales goes to Wren Elementary School for the Arts. The last day is June 2nd. I hope to keep their artwork hanging even after the show closes. The Principal and Beth Bremer 1st Grade Teacher and Eric Vandetta Kindergarten Teacher know that I want more artwork, greeting cards and the really cool video about Wren Elementary School for the Arts.



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