Hang day

I woke up at the crack of dawn, 5:00am. Fed my kitty and made a cup of coffee. Posted on instagram @raquel_amaral_art_gallery. Follow me there if you use instagram. I’m loving it! and the #hash tags a lot.

The Young Artist is May 5th and the teachers are bringing their students artwork in today to hang.  Looking forward to seeing that. After a year of owning and operating this gallery it takes a lot of work to hang, promote and sell artwork. If it wasn’t for Sandi Sherwood the President of the Concord Art Association, making this connection I know this would not be happening. I’m really looking forward to it and getting the young artists in the gallery. Thanks a million times Sandi for all you do.

Normally I have name tags for all the Artists on opening day but with this opening I’ll leave it up to their parents. I’ll have the labels ready if they want to let their child have one. I know for my other Openings it helps for the new Artist showing their artwork to wear a name tag. Many come alone with no one showing up to see their artwork. Sad huh?

Kids Show300

Also today the Artist will be dropping off their artwork for the opening of “Anything Goes” on May 12th. We will hang their artwork tomorrow in the main gallery. Super excited because we had it painted. I have a few new artists in this show and we will be welcoming them.

If you are interested in showing your artwork but don’t know how to go about it. Read the FAQs on my website. All I can say is don’t be afraid. Let me know its your first time and I help you along.

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