Have you been in an Art Gallery?


When you visit an Art Gallery you are not only supporting the Gallery, but you are supporting the City. If you live in a City where it doesn’t have a Civic Arts Center then you are also supporting the owner, the artists and the ART!


The City of Concord, CA where I have lived since 1981. Where I own my house and have raised my two sons doesn’t have a Civic Arts Center yet. We have a few Art Galleries and a Pottery studio. They are the Art CottageArtist Den, Red Ox Clay Studio and mine Raquel Amaral Art Gallery. Business people supporting Artists and we need Artists and the Public to support us to keep us in business.

The Concord Art Association is a huge supporter and recently had a fundraiser at the Spaghetti Factory. Below is a photo of the Board members. If you are an artist and want to become a member of the association where you will know what is happening in our community, I’ve included a link. CAA

Sandi Sherwood the President and the Association is working towards many projects for the Artists in the area.

Art Association

As a member you can hang your art in my gallery at a reduced cost and the commission is also less. Check out my website’s FAQs for more information.

Currently our gallery is exhibiting the artwork of Pat Viera. Her show will end April 21st so there is still time to support her.


Paint Classes – Do you teach? Or would you rather learn?

2018 04 20 Raquels Amaral Open Studio

Our next show is on May 5th. Kids Show300

We are requesting artwork from Artists up until April 27th for Anything Goes. Opening Reception is on May 12th from 1pm – 4pm. The same day as the City of Concord’s Art & Wine walk.

Have you ever submitted your artwork? Do it today. Submit here!

Gallery is open today Saturday, April 14th from 12-2pm. Tuesday – Saturday 12-2pm.

We are located at 1856 Colfax St. upstairs in Concord, CA.



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