I have a space

I call it an art gallery. Every 4 week’s I call for artists to submit artwork.

On Feb. 17th will be the opening of Lovers gotta love. 2-5pm

The artists that submitted artwork:

David Bernard

Ben Keiser

Kenny Cowan

Pat Calabro

Manon Jodoin

Jim Isham

Malis Bee

Deena Sheranko

Olga Griffin

Dinamarie Dudley

Catherine Hanson

Sharon Banuelos

Melanie Sastria

Monica Meza

Maksim Ryabtsev

Paulette Laguna

Christine Vota

Elia Kazemi

My art gallery is located at 1856 Colfax St #6. Concord, CA


In the space we also have classes. Monday Feb. 12th ~ Michelle Cicala has a guided meditation class.





Check out the rest of the classes scheduled for February on my website. We would love for you to visit. You’re also invited to attend the opening of Lovers gotta Love!


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