Love the Memory

In 2016 I painted 6′ long 4×4 wood signs that I have in my garden. Danny cemented them in blocks that I would love to bring to the gallery. But unfortunately it isn’t worth the argument with Danny to do so. I think they would make great Art Flag poles. Where I could hang my Art Gallery flag on it and place it outside on the street. IMG_8529

However after I would convince Danny to do it. Someone from the building or City would probably have it removed. So I came up with an easier idea.

While walking in Walnut Creek I had seen a tree covered with crocheted doilies.  I really liked the look of it and wished I could ask my Mom to make me some. Knowing that she would get all excited to help.  Then we would plan to pick her up and take her to Joann’s to shop for crochet thread. But for those that don’t know she passed away on March 10, 2013. Dang and I still cry. I have her crochet hooks in her leather pouch she kept them in. I could crochet my own but I don’t have the time.

Yesterday morning while getting ready for the Opening Reception of Color of Art, I came across 3 doilies my Mom gave me. So I packed them up along with Red yarn to decorate the tree that stands in front of the office building where the gallery is.

26757929_10155688225289342_545182119339961743_oFruits Anamilena

This photo is my first attempt. Yes and I did remove my Mom’s doilies before we left last night. I would hate for someone to damage or remove them.

I’m sharing in case you saw the tree yesterday and questioned why?

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