You’re invited

Good morning!

So in March I will be celebrating one year at 1856 Colfax St, Concord, CA. What was I ever thinking? Honestly, I wasn’t, but I was obsessed to have what I wanted; a studio/gallery.

But I wanted this space on the street with a big window for my photography too. I opened an Art Gallery on March 1, 2017 with no windows and on the second floor of an office building. So my camera doesn’t get much use in it, as I had originally planned.

Yes I’m an artist, self taught. I allow spirit to paint through me and I never know what the heck it will be. I paint mostly women faces, occasionally abstract and very colorful. I don’t know the rules so I can’t follow them. Lucky me I have an entire gallery to display them in.

I searched the streets, social media, other art galleries for artists/photographers/sculptors and enticed them into hanging their art on the walls of my small space. I searched for members in the Concord Art Association, having hung my art at the aRt Cottage in Concord when I became a member. I searched at the Richmond Art Center where my brother, David volunteers. On March 11, 2017 I had my 1st Opening Reception, 4 years and a day after my Mom passed away.

Now lets fast forward to now, Jan. 13 2018. I’m having my 10th Opening Reception in an expanded space. When Christine (Owner’s daughter) contacted me about the space attached to mine was available, once again I didn’t think clearly I just knew I wanted it.

Today, You are invited to attend, Color of Art. We no longer have to put up and take down Art in the hallway. We have room. When I say we it’s mostly my husband, Danny that does this.

Color of Art

Ben Keiser, Kenny Cowan, Pat Viera, Pat Calabro, Deena Sheranko, Lisa Fulmer, Manon Jodoin, Sharon Petersen, Michelle Cicala, Gwendolyn McShepard, FROgard, Catherine Hanson, Melanie Sastria, Jim and Sandy Kovalcik, Deloris McCabe, Grace Cohen, DinaMarie Dudley, Lori Guarino, Michael Rizza.


Title ~ Imagine

Artist ~ Raquel Amaral

6 thoughts on “You’re invited

  1. Congratulations Raquel!! We have all benefited from your dream and we are very lucky to have you in town. I will be there to celebrate!

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