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Good evening,

I just added another layer to my painting, Black Madonna. I’ve got about a week and half of paint on her. It was a process that was covered up and finally she appeared. I’ll be showing it in my next gallery opening, Oct 7th. probably at 2pm but not for certain.

I have 20+ Artist showing in my Gallery for Anything Goes. I’d like to hear back from you if you’ve seen the show and what your thoughts about it are. I share their bios on my FB page. But you can click on the Artist Bios tab here on my website and read each their story.

My story is I’m a creative. I’ve been so all of this lifetime. (Yes I believe I’ve lived several lifetimes.) But back to being a Creative. As a child I day dreamed a lot, still do. I took tap dance, guitar lessons, Mexican Folkorico, and I sort of drew.

I taught myself had to sew as a young Mother of two boys. Then I started creating jewelry with wire and beads. Now I paint. I’m not an educated painter, I’m a Creative one. It is my therapy and I’m happy to share my paintings in my gallery.

I hope you can stop by and visit. But until then please visit the website and click on the Artist Bios tab.Angels

My Ipad art. Mother and baby angels.

One thought on “Artist Bios

  1. Thank you so much for offering show opportunities for artists. Looking forward to the next show. Love your painting. It gives a positive feeling and reminds me that our true friends are angels in our lives.

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