Definition~ a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
“the illusion makes parallel lines seem to diverge by placing them on a zigzag-striped background”
synonyms: miragehallucinationapparition, figment of the imagination, trick of the light, trompe l’oeilMore

  • a deceptive appearance or impression.
    “the illusion of family togetherness”
    synonyms: appearanceimpressionsemblanceMore

  • a false idea or belief.
    “he had no illusions about the trouble she was in”
    synonyms: delusionmisapprehensionmisconception, false impression;

    You are invited to attend August Opening Reception of the Theme Illusions.

    Illusions with artist

    In exchange for your email address You will be entered to win ~

    1) a seat in the class Sips, Soaps and Suds – Teacher – Deena Sheranko – Drawing at the end of the Reception.

    2) A bottle of Prosecco – Drawing on August 26, 2017

    3) $25.00 gift card to the Spaghetti Factory. Drawing on August 26, 2017

    Drawing will be held on August 26, 2017 the last day of the show. If you are unable to attend the Opening you can have many chances to win.

    Visit on Thursday evenings 5-7pm or on Fridays times will be posted~ Docent in attendance, Saturdays 12-5pm. Also we have scheduled many classes.

    Check the Class calendar.

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