Do you know that art matters a lot to me? Expressing your creativity on canvas, in photos, with clay etc. I really admire.

I use theme shows in my gallery throughout the year. I would like to do one artist shows next year that only last two weeks. I would also like to do more theme and more just ANY art next year. I do plan on renewing my lease unless another affordable ground level spot becomes available.

I also would really enjoy getting together with the other two art galleries ( if there are more in Concord, let me know) and having an open studios walk event. I walked over to the Ajax Cheese yesterday (located between Lettuce and Baskin Robbins) and introduced myself to the owner, Gary. He also works full time at the French Restaurant on Salvio Street and only opens his gallery on their Event night. We exchanged phone numbers and he plans to visit my gallery today.

About my gallery… I am open today for the Opening Reception of Gods and Goddesses art exhibit from 3pm to 6pm. I would prefer to have the Opening from 6pm to 9pm but the building my gallery is in locks the doors at 7pm. As we found out last month the air conditioning goes off at 6pm.

If you didn’t know this about me I work full time in an Accounting Department for a Real Estate Investment Company in Walnut Creek. My little Art Gallery is my passion. Getting to know the Artists, hanging their heARTWORK, Hightlighting them via social media and now doing Youtube interviews with them is all part of this passion.

I’m game in working together with the other Concord Galleries, Concord Art Association, Concord Community of Artists, B8 Theatre, etc in making the town of Concord, California a happening, hip, emerging Art District, if you are!



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