You Tube Channel

Everyone enjoys watching a good video. I enjoy art. I have my art gallery and I have artist showing their artwork in my gallery. I thought hmm what more could I do to share their artwork? What more could I do to get the world to know about the artists if they can’t come to my art gallery. Because in my Art Gallery I have a bio from pretty much each artist that is exhibiting their work there each month.

Ok there is facebook and yes I have a facebook page for just the Art. But facebook isn’t like it used to be. In order to get the public to see your posts you got to pay to advertise. I do pay believe it or not and I’m not getting enough bang for my bucks!

There is also instagram, twitter and google#. So I have a really good camera, tripod, studio, why not interview artists using my really good camera, tripod and studio?

Ta Da! My

You Tube channel.

Where the world can Meet the Artists, See the Gallery Openings, stay tune.

ps. Opening Reception – Gods/Goddesses, June 24th – 3-6pm


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