Hearts and Souls

Today is the Opening Reception from 3:00pm to 6:00pm for Anything Goes at Raquel Amaral Studio/Art Gallery

Patrali Bose Paul, Michael Chavez, Ceezer, Toni D. Salcido, Nikos, Michelle Mattea, Jeslyn Cantrell, Rashmi Rajesh, DollieCs, Hortencia Rangel, Luciano Roche, Catherine Hensiek, Malis Bee, Raquelle Turner, Kenny Cowan, Luay Issa, Nicholas Delgado, David Anthony Bernard, Sandi Sherwood, Daryl Bergman.

As a self taught Artist I had only shown my artwork because my Brother David Anthony Bernard who volunteers at the RAC, Richmond Art Center (I’ve invited the RAC’s Director, Rick Ambrose today) asked me too. I never thought it was good enough.

A year later, while I had been posting my artwork on my FB art page, instagram , etc. Monica L Duong from Mama De Luna Art Gallery in Crockett invited me to submit my artwork into her 1st opening reception a few months ago. (Please visit her Gallery, let her know that I sent you, she is the best!)

When an Artist paints, ok I’m speaking for myself~ I do not know what I am painting it flows from Spirit. It comes from my connection to God, the Universe, Source, Spirit, my heart, my experiences, my soul.

When a person looks at a piece of Art it is like looking at a Beautiful Woman/Man… It is in the Eye of the Beholder, is it not?

I hope if there is time in your day this afternoon that you stop by my Art Gallery and behold the beauty of our Artist’s hearts and souls.


Walk with me 2

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