Studio/Art Gallery

I recently walked into an office building to meet with Janine at Face Bar in Concord, CA. She kindly took me in at 5:45pm on Tuesday Jan 24th to remove my eyelashes.

While this procedure was being done she told me that this was her after retirement job and that she retired from AAA. While she was working she had went to an Aesthetician for a facial. She loved how it made her feel and thought she could do this.  I asked her did she like her space in this office building? She said that she was in the space next door but wanted a little bit bigger space. So that’s when I asked her how much she paid for rent?

Oh boy I thought to myself I could afford to pay that! So it has begun my hunt for office space. Originally looked at the space next door to Janine but my husband said that for what I wanted that space was to small. They have another space 260 sq ft; I had the manager email me the lease. I read it last night and I’m perplexed by the tenant’s insurance paragraph. Luckily I have a friend who works for an insurance company. I am having lunch with her tomorrow and I will have her read it. How much many will this cost me?

So I’m passionate about art. I’m passionate about photography. I’m passionate about making jewelry. I also love Mary Kay products. I want my own Studio/Art Gallery.

I’ve been dreaming about having a shop. I’m ready to take action. I’m not ready to retire. But why not get jump in and get my feet wet to see if I could make a living doing what I love.



3 thoughts on “Studio/Art Gallery

  1. I’m looking for a space to display (not sale) a piece of mine. My goal is to have just one space 24X36 and rotate a different painting every month along with an info label. How much do you charge for something like this?

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