Art Gallery

I’ve been sharing/posting  my paintings on instagram a lot recently. I get more feedback from followers than I did from my Facebook page. Maybe it’s from using the hashtags or because it’s  a different social culture. Who knows?

About three weeks ago, I received a comment from an Art Gallery on one of my painting’s post, it went something like this, “We are opening a new Gallery and think this painting could be shown at it, if you’re interested DM us.” While I was so excited about this, I accidentally deleted the comment. But I got the name of the Gallery and oh ya I sent them a message. What do I need to do?  They sent me an application, which I completed and sent back.

Last week I got the great news that I can submit Seven of my paintings at Mama de Luna Art Gallery Opening Reception for ”Metamorphosis” themed show on January 7th at 4pm – 7pm 702 2nd Ave. Crockett, CA

 Prior to posting a picture of this painting that received the comment, it was the first time I sketched on paper than onto canvas. Never did that before and guess what? My second sketch on paper than to canvas was even a better one, darn too bad it won’t be in the opening reception.

But I got the Art Gallery bug now, so watch out!

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