to day

I sit at my laptop. I’m drinking my 1st cup of coffee in my recliner. Thoughts are streaming through my mind and I remembered that I have a blog on WordPress. Hmmm let me see what is my login, it’s been so long since I’ve written here. At some point I’ve decided to focus on using Facebook to communicate socially. On Facebook I have separate pages for my jewelry, my art and my spirit; a public facebook page and a personal one.

I may be setting up a table at the Richmond Art Center this holiday season for my jewelry. I love creating jewelry and selling my designs. My bead room is cluttered not only with bead supplies, but with canvases, paints, plastic containers of Mary Kay products and my Canon 5d Mark III camera, Manfrotto tripod, and Pelican camera case which lays on the floor and the table amongst the chaos.

As with my separate facebook pages perhaps I need a room for each hobby to be better organized. A studio would be nice. Hah! who am I kidding, I would have that cluttered up in no time as well.

I’m drinking my second and last cup of coffee. The sun is shining through the window in between the pine tree branches blinding my eyes. I situate my body to avoid the brightness.

The light is ambient a very good time to go get my camera. But instead I remember I need to focus my attention on editing the photos that I recently took using Lightroom.

Photo taken from a balcony room at the Hilton -Union Square.

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