I am

Free to create. I am a creator. I wish to sell but its not my deepest desire. I love creating.
I have three facebook pages, The other side of me which I began in 2011. I have 140,xxx likers. I share the spiritual side of me. The psychic, seer, seeker of truth side. It’s not a religious page at all. I have no religion. I do believe in God, Goddess, Creator, Iam, Universe, Source. Lately I use my Art to inspire on this page. Who needs to be told how to believe. I leave that to the media and churches, etc. I question my beliefs, thoughts, and actions on this page. If you like it let me know.

I created my FB page The House of Raquel even before my The other side of me page, and the reason I joined FB in the first place to sell my Jewelry, hija4 designs. It was dormant for awhile as my passion to create fades and fuels with Art. I recently created a website for my jewelry, House of Raquel which is linked on this page.

My 3rd FB page Raquel Amaral is where I share my drawings, paintings and ipad creations. Of course I have a website linked here to, Raquel Amaral I love this site for selling my canvas acrylic paintings, putting my ipad art on canvas and my photography, art on greeting cards.




I don’t watch tv and I don’t read the news. I have no need or desire to abuse my Spirit with the energy of FEAR. Write on!

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