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You welcomed my jewelry with open arms yesterday. Thank you all so much. I really loved it. I know that you can spend your money buying any kind of jewelry and appreciate that you want to wear my designs.
I realize that I need to provide my customers with a place to shop for more of hija4 designs using your credit cards. So I’ve redesigned my old shop on Etsy. I’ve completed the info and appearance, payment, shipping, taxes, policies and about me pages.

Colorful and Creative

Colorful and Creative

The jewelry pieces from my previous wordpress post sold! So before I can open shop on Etsy. I need to get busy and take more jewelry pictures. Selling jewelry online requires great pictures. You need good lighting, close up shots, different angles and of course pretty jewelry. I love crystals that sparkle and shine.
Scarlett fever

Scarlett fever

Women have their very own style and taste. What one woman turns her nose up at another one may rant and rave over. I create jewelry with me in mind. Would I wear it and where would I wear it, office, home, weekend, evening, party, holiday etc?

After I create a few pieces I get anxious to share and tease so with the iphone I’ll quickly take a few shots. Next, I’ll send them in a text to customers, stating Buy Now!

Red lovers unite!

Red lovers unite!

Thanks for following my Blog! Follow my facebook pages, and Soon I’ll be posting my Etsy link!

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