My husband bought me a roll of canvas over a year ago because I wanted to paint on it. I’d never painted on a large canvas and I’m not a painter. But I’m a wanna be Painter.

One Saturday morning it was the perfect weather to paint outside. I thought where is that canvas? Found it! So I laid it out on the dining room table and cut myself a uneven piece.
I started to paint on one of tables outside but realize my back wouldn’t last to long bending over. So I hung the canvas under the patio cover.
I was so excited that I was actually going to paint, but didn’t have any clue what it was that I wanted to Paint. My hand just does it when I’m painting on my ipad. So it was also with the brush in my hand on this canvas.
IMG_8164 The sun was beginning to beat down on me and so I went inside to get my hat. I eventually turned the canvas around and stood under the patio cover. I love the warm weather but I don’t like baking in the sun.
My very first Scroll, what do you think of it? I hang it outside when I’m in the backyard to admire it. But when I’m in the house I have it on a wall in the hall way.
I’m looking forward to making more scrolls. When the sun is out and I’m not busy.

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