Her last breath

A week ago March 10, 2013 my Mom took her last breath. My husband, my sister, my nephew, his son and me were with her.

I am over the numbness and I’m grieving.

She speaks to me with her spirit voice (thoughts in my 3rd eye). I never had anyone so close to me cross over before. Although, my Father died when I was 3. Perhaps I’ve always felt him and never knew it. I feel my Mother all around me especially in my car while I’m driving to work in the mornings.

The Saturday before she passed I went to get my camera. Her grandchildren (some) came over to visit her. She really enjoyed her day. I took lots of pictures. But for right now I’m keeping them private. For the last 2 years I would take a picture of her and me, thinking this could be the last one of the two of us. I have that picture now. It brings tears to my eyes.

Her Spirit is gentle, warm and Oh so loving. She tells me not to cry. I can’t help it. I miss her so much.

It will take some time to get use to BEING with her spiritually.

Her memorial will be held next Saturday at Connolly and Taylor, Martinez,CA at 11am, March 23rd.

Here is the very first photo that I have of my Mom and me.
mom and me

11 thoughts on “Her last breath

  1. Raquel. How beautiful of your spirit to have had the foresight to take the pictures of your mom and you. I am a sure believer that we all have a soul or spirit after our mortal live. I am glad your mother is with you in spirit. Your are blessed to be able to feel her around you and she was blessed to have a daughter that loved her.The picture that you posted reminds me about your birth. I know the family was so exited when you were born. I was just a child but still remember all the hallabaloo around you and your mom . It was a very special time. You are a very special person Raquel. Love ya.

  2. Raquel, this is a very special time, painful but special. Spirit is always with us. We eac have a very special Spirit Guide assigned to us at birth and stays with us our lifetime. You mothers Spirit Guide helped her cross over. Your connections is a testament to the Spirits breathe around us. You are very connected with your Mother and she with you. Look for her in messages sitings of feathers, pennies, silent inner wishpers. Beautiful picture.. Most memories will live in your heart & soul. She is with you, all of you. Tune-in and listen, they will hear her too as she hears you. Much peace & support on this part of your journey. LuNA.

  3. Beautifully written. I still miss my mom. I feel her around me in many ways, but its still not like going over and spending a day with her just BEING together. Love Crystle

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about your mom’s transition into the spirit world and your response to her. It is beautifully written and the love that you both have for one another shines through so well in your words.
    Know that I am with you in your grieving and remember always she is just a thought away. Your mom will be with you always and giving you more love along the way. May she rest in the angels’ arms and continue to shine in the universe brightly. May God continue to bestow his love and blessings on both of you.

  5. May you find peace during this sad time in your life. Nothing else in the world can fill the spot like your mother. My mom too is going through health problems. I can’t think what it will be like not to be able to call her again.

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