Meet Marion

I was prepared to post her interview on Saturday, however Hurricane Sandy left Marion without power. I first met Marion at the Omega Institute Rhinebeck Campus in New York. We both were attending the James Van Praagh Advance mediumship class. We stayed in touch through a group we all created that weekend.


What is your name?
Marion McGarry

Are you a psychic, a medium, tarot card reader, toe reader?
I am a psychic medium. I also read several different types of spiritual and tarot cards.

Is there anyone else in your family with your ability?
Yes. There are several

Where does your ability come from?
It comes from Spirit.

Are you religious or spiritual?
Although I honor all religions, I believe that we are all spiritual.
As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said
“we are spiritual beings having a human experience not human beings having a spiritual experience”
I feel the Universe, God, whatever name you use to define the Infinite Power
is Limitless and therefore I believe it all rather than in one particular version.

When did you know that you had this ability?
As a youngster thought everyone saw the world as I did. Only
as I got older did I realize that some did not tune in to this
ability, some were skeptical of it in their own lives and/ or
some were not interested and that is what made the difference.

Were you afraid?
No. It was a comfort to know. Although I thought for a long time that everyone could see what I did.

Are people afraid of what you might see, feel about them?
I have had to reassure some that I do not give negative messages. Early on when people came to me for readings
I made a contract with Spirit that if I were to continue doing this work I would give consoling details, only positive messages.

I believe that as we think we create, and to think positive is to create positive.
We can be happy, happy, happy. By our thoughts we do create Happy !

Do you ever not want this gift?
I am so grateful for this life path to help others ! It comes from the Universe which is so LOVING,
All good, All knowing and absolutely creative.
The Universe is MAGICAL.
If we allow and do not block this belief with fear.
Personally I lean into the moment and it is wonderful.
I believe in the Universe, they take care of me, and all of us much better than we could take care of ourselves.
Sometimes we stand in the way with our fear and therefore hinder the manifestation of good things.
It brings so much comfort to people to know how much they are loved and how their love ones are still with them and watching over them.
Validation of the afterlife lifts fear and brings so much consolation to the living.

Can anyone learn how to do what you do?
I believe that every one can tune their ability to do this for it is innate.
The only limit we put on this is that we do not believe that it is possible, nor that we can do it.
We think we are doing it, all we really have to do is sit down and let Spirit speak !!

We basically limit our belief system about Spirit.
Everything comes from Spirit just like our next breath.
The illusion is that we think we have to learn this, control this, do this.

The key word here is Ego. We really only have to show up because the message comes from Spirit.
We only have to open our mouth to deliver it.

I think it is just a matter of believing the Universe is Limitless and being open
and once setting the intention of being a channel, an ambassador for the other side,
the path is open.
Fear (Ego in disguise) and not believing they are worthy, are the two hindrances that people have to doing this work.
Many people who are drawn to do this work, do not think themselves worthy, do not have confidence in the Almighty
They believe that if they take this course or that, or spend lots of money they will then somehow acquire more skills.

Meditation, Relaxation and Leaning into Source, Leaning into the Universe, trusting and knowing it is God and not themselves
they will be able to SOAR doing God’s work.

My belief it is just practice and letting go and leaning into the Universe. And of course having the right intention.
To bring comfort and love to those who need it.
The primary object is never fame or money.
To connect people to those loved ones crossed over is so wonderful and the other side has much love and advice to give to them.

Do you do this for a business?
I love what I do. I love being able to help connect people. I am a channel for the Universe and I embrace it wholeheartedly. This is what I pass
down to those who attend my free weekly meditation or development circles.

How much do you charge?
I love doing this work of helping those who need comfort and solace. And so with this in mind rather than going to a different type of work I do private readings and therefore the necessity of paying the bills to live. My suggested donation is $100.00 for a half hour.

I do hold free weekly Spiritual Development Circles. This is to help people to access there own abilities.

Information for people to contact you?

Facebook: This Moment


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