Plant candy


We went to the U C Berkeley Botanical Gardens on a gorgeous warm Sunday morning/afternoon. The weather was an unusual 80 degrees for late in October. I wasn’t sure my husband was going to be in for it, with the World Series game coming on today. When I found out as we were on the road that the game wasn’t on until 5pm Pacific time. He was ok with it, so we left my Mom’s and headed there.

I had never been to this enchanted place of Plant candy everywhere and my camera was going to get a work out. I only had my 18 to 55mm lens. Oh had I wish I had my tripod.

I have lots of photos and I’ve put them on my website in the gallery Botanical Gardens. I’m also not quite finished yet.

It really was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon. If only we had put another .50 in the machine to get another hour at the gardens. Next time.