Meet Caithe

I love talking with other people who have “psychic, medium, intuitive” gifts. Today I would like you to meet..

What is your name?
My name is Caithe Cameron from Celticai Studio. I live in Queensland, Australia.


Are you a psychic, a medium, tarot card reader, toe reader?
Funnily enough, I have read toes before! Modalities are surely an interesting label – we have this amazing need to define what we do. However, I am an intuitive palmist, holistic healer, dowser and clairorator. I utilize a combination of Reiki, massage and aromatherapy during holistic healing sessions to create a safe and supported space for people to further their healing journey. Before you ask, Clairoration is a term I developed to explain how I tune into readings and healing sessions. It is the ability to speak in and interpret tongues – the Universal Light Language of the Divine. Weekly, I broadcast on Reflect Radio (an internet based radio station) to deliver healing guidance messages. It is a lot of fun to connect with people from across the globe who are seeking some light, laughter and healing in their lives!

Is there anyone else in your family with your ability?
My mother’s side of the family is very intuitive. My great-grandfather is known to have predicted how my uncle would die in World War Two. He was uncannily correct! My Uncle is now one of my Guides! He likes to walk up behind people in our house and play ‘ghosts’ with them!

My grandmother was the one who began my interest in palmistry and tarot cards which continued with my mother taking me to the Gemini Tea Rooms for regular teacup readings when I was a teenager.

Although other members of my family are believers, none actively pursue their intuitive development. I’m the only one who has decided to change their career from “a nice, safe, normal career choice” (i.e. Educator) to “weird and wacky but having so much fun in her life” Intuitive Reader and Healer. I’m very grateful to the support from my family and friends! They truly are a blessing.

Where does your ability come from?
This is a great question! I feel that everyone has the capacity for knowing and receiving. Much like physical muscle, it needs to be strengthened continually. When this ‘muscle’ is unused, it withers away within the body. Fundamentally, Intuitive/healing/psychic ability is part and parcel of the human whole. Since being human is part of Source, our abilities no matter what they are, also come from Source.

Are you religious or spiritual?

Religion implies a set of rules that must be followed to get to Nirvana, Heaven – whatever the ‘ideal state of grace’ is believed to be. I prefer to see myself as spiritual. I feel that this creates an amazing space for anything to be possible! It also gives each individual the space to journey in their own individual way. My basic belief that lies at the bottom of all my values and principles is: Let it harm none.

When did you know that you had this ability?
My family tells me that I used to talk to John Lennon after he passed – I was a pre-teen at the time. Honestly, I cannot remember that. My earliest memory is in my early teens, reading people’s palms at high school with everyone exclaiming over my accuracy. Great way to meet people, by the way! “Hey! You have amazing hands. May I look within to see what I can find?”

Were you afraid?
It wasn’t until I joined a religion that I learnt to fear what I could see, feel, hear and know. This was in my twenties. It took another ten years for me to find my feet with my abilities again – remember what I said earlier about using the muscle continually?

Are people afraid of what you might see, feel about them?
When reading someone’s palm, you can tell when someone is unwilling to listen or is feeling fearful. Most people will start a palm reading by defiantly spreading their hand wide. As the reading progresses, the thumb will curl in first, followed by the fingers. There is such a need for a reader to be gentle and as diplomatic as possible.
During Holistic Healing sessions, I inform clients to tell me as soon as their emotional radar is affected by the clairoration and/or massage. I’ve only ever had one client jump off the table (and it happened to be a relative). My many other clients say that the combination of speech and massage provides a relaxing and meditative session.

Do you ever not want this gift?
*laughing* Only when I start speaking in tongues in a shopping centre or the like! Living with integrity towards myself and all the skills, talents and abilities being myself entails – that is the greatest gift of all!

Can anyone learn how to do what you do?
I believe that most people can find a way to express their intuition positively. I recently published a book – Spirit Speak and Other Weird Noises – for those who feel that clairoration may be there particular gifting. Joining a meditation circle that includes intuitive exercises is a great way to start exploring the range of modalities and giftings available while doing so in a safe and supportive environment.

Do you do readings for a business?

I provide palmistry, tarot and holistic healing sessions both in person and also over distance. Skype is the best technology invented! I also provide daily Reiki Distance Healing and a weekly subscription service – Adventure into Ascension.

How much do you charge?
I have a basic rate of $1 per minute. That’s Australian dollars! So, if someone contacts me saying, “Oh, I can only afford $5/$15/$60, Caithe, can I have a reading for that?” It certainly makes it easier for both the client and I to understand any costs involved. Minimum reading is $5.

Information for people to contact you?
Email –
Website –
Skype – celticai1
Facebook –

Reflect Radio

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