A.P. 10212012 (After photography class)


Saturday morning nine a.m. I arrive at Heather Farms Park to meet Douglas Peck a photography teacher for Eric C. Gould photography Studio. My nephew Tim and his wife Victoria gave me a coupon for a free lesson. I looked forward to taking this class since August. Especially on my airplane ride back from a two week vacation in Hawaii. How I wish now that I had taken the class before my vacation.

The class proved to have helped me get to know my Canon EOS Rebel T3i a lot better. I’m now using Av, Tv, and M (manual) settings on my camera, wooo hooo!
Can you tell the difference?

Plant Ant

Touch of Silk

We are buds

Pretty Flower

Tiny buds

Orchid Spirits

Let in the Light

Did I tell you how much I love taking pictures and sharing them. I’m now using my camera in Manual mode. I recently purchased a book about the Canon T3i for my Kindle, read a little about it this am. I’m also shooting in Raw/L!

All photos are available for sale on my website ~