Meet Julie.

I love talking about Spirituality. I have been interested in Life after Death since I could remember. I have a collection of crystals, recharge them during the full moon. I’ll burn sage to clear energy. I love the smell of incense. Meditate to connect to Spirit. I have been known to communicate with them as well. I am not a psychic, medium. I call myself a “Seer”. I see, feel and sense energies around me and you.

I am starting once a week on Saturday, today to blog about this with others. My first interview is with Julie Migneault.

Are you a psychic, a medium, tarot card reader, toe reader?

I am a trance channel for my non-physical guides, The Divine Feminine Collective. They are a collective of multiple Goddess energies – including Shakti, Isis, Lakshmi, Mother Mary, Gaia, Quan Yin, Mary Magdelene, Aphrodite, Sarasvati and many more. They blend their energies to speak through me with one voice. I am also an intuitive that can read, sense and perceive energy.

Is there anyone else in your family with your ability?

There is no one in my family with conscious awareness of any intuitive abilities. (That I know of ☺ )

Where does your ability come from?

My ability comes from within myself. Channeling my guides, The Divine Feminine Collective, is a co-creation between the entities that speak through me and my openness and awareness of their presence and desire to support as many individuals as possible with this gift.

Are you religious or spiritual?

I am spiritual. I believe we each are unique expressions of Source (or God). We are powerful creators of our experiences and life lessons.

When did you know that you had this ability?

I knew I had this ability as part of a spiritual awakening around 25 years of age. My first awareness was that I was able to channel healing energy through my hands. I then began to sit in meditation and feel the presence of a very loving energy around me. As I asked questions, it became clear this energy had beautiful messages of love and support to offer. I began listening to their guidance and seeing great transformation in my life. They began teaching me how to verbally channel their guidance so that I could “get out of the way” and allow them to come through more fully.

Were you afraid?

I have never been afraid of my intuition or the energy that I channel. However, I have moved through fears of being rejected or misunderstood for this gift. I have had fear that I may be unclear in the sharing of my gift. I believe that our fears and challenges are beautiful opportunities for our own growth. As I moved through the fears, the gift became stronger and more clear. As part of my practice, I do deep personal transformation work to ensure I am a clear channel.

Are people afraid of what you might see, feel about them?

I believe there is a desire within each of us to be truly seen – fully seen. When I am in a place of channeling or opening my intuition, I hold my clients and those around me in great love. Seeing both the areas that challenge them, as well as the beautiful essence that they are can be a great gift I offer as an intuitive and channel. However, it is possible some individuals may have the experience of feeling vulnerable or scared to be seen in their great beauty and human vulnerability. The more authentic and vulnerable I become through my own personal process work, the more “safety” I experience others feeling in my presence.

Do you ever not want this gift?

No. I honor this gift and the great responsibility that it brings to hold people with compassion, love and understanding. I am truly grateful for the desire within me to support others in spiritual awakening and creating deep fulfillment in their life. The gift of channeling and intuition supports me in living my purpose fully. It’s a very fulfilling experience!

Can anyone learn how to do what you do?

Absolutely. In fact, a big part of my purpose is to support individuals in connecting with their natural intuitive abilities so that they can create their lives from a place of balance and inner wisdom.

Do you do readings for a business?

I offer healing and channeling sessions as my business, yes.

How much do you charge?

I have many different offerings – group channeling sessions, individual coaching and channeling programs and more. I invite you to contact me for a free discovery session to learn more about my services and if any of them would support you in finding clarity on your purpose, moving through challenges and creating a deeply fulfilling life from the core of who you are.

Information for people to contact you?
Facebook ~ Divine Feminine – not linking.
Phone # 808-446-5426

4 thoughts on “Meet Julie.

  1. i would love to talk with you julie. i work in quite a sensitive space with energy and do my best to make a harmonious connection for all my kinships in this world.

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